Focus & Scope

Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis is an academic publication that covers various aspects in the realm of economics and business. The following is a description of each focus and scope:

Economic Studies: This journal contains articles that review theories, concepts and practical applications in the fields of micro and macro economics. These articles may cover topics such as consumer behavior, production, markets, economic growth, and economic policy.

Finance: Focus on financial aspects includes research on corporate financial management, capital markets, investment, risk analysis, monetary policy, and other related topics related to the flow of funds and allocation of financial resources.

Banking Studies: Articles in this journal may discuss topics such as banking risk management, banking product innovation, the role of banks in economic development, banking regulations, and bank financial and operational performance.

Public Economics: This journal publishes research related to public resource management, fiscal policy, income redistribution, efficiency of public resource allocation, and evaluation of the impact of public policy on society.

Accounting: Topics covered in the field of accounting include accounting standards, auditing, financial reporting, cost management, taxation, accounting ethics, as well as the latest developments in accounting practices.

Management: This journal presents articles on organizational management theory and practice, business strategy, leadership, innovation, human resource management, business operations, and other related topics relevant to the management of companies and organizations.

Specific Issues Related to Economics: Apart from the main focus, this journal also discusses emerging or controversial issues in the economic discipline, such as the digital economy, globalization, economic inequality, sustainable development, environmental economics, and climate change.